What does Eken do?  

Eken enables companies which systematically working to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions the opportunity to invest in high-quality carbon removals in Swedish forests, providing immediate climate impact. Access to certified carbon credits is based on long-term agreements with Swedish forest owners who are compensated for postponing logging and improving forestry practices. 

Which forests are of interest to Eken’s project?

Currently, the project focuses on coniferous forests in Värmland, Örebro, Västmanland, Uppsala, Stockholm County, or areas north of them. Forests that have reached the minimum final felling age are more interesting than younger forests. Please contact us for further discussion! 

What is the Science Based Targets Initiative?  

The Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) provides a framework and guidelines for companies to set Science-based targets for emissions reduction. The targets should be in line with the latest climate research and aligned with the Paris Agreement. SBTi companies are urged to first reduce emissions in their own value chains as much as possible and […]

What is a certified/high-quality carbon credit?

High-quality carbon credits remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere (carbon removals), unlike carbon credits that solely reduce emissions (carbon reduction).   Certified/high-quality carbon credits are carbon credits that have been verified by a third-party certification body to ensure that they represent real, additional, measurable, and permanent greenhouse gas emissions reductions or removals.   Eken’s project follows the […]

What is Verra?

Verra is a nonprofit organization established in the United States in 2007 and is the leading global electronic registry for carbon credits. Verra performs three fundamental functions: 

What is required for a carbon credit project to be approved by Verra? 

For a project to meet Verra’s standards, it undergoes ongoing review by both Verra and a qualified third party. This ensures that the project complies with the rules and requirements of the standard, applies the methodologies correctly, follows local laws and regulations, and does not cause any negative impacts on local stakeholders. By verifying and […]