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one of sweden's most ambitious climate initiatives

We are launching a first-time opportunity to invest in carbon storage in mature Swedish forests, in trees that are contracted to grow ten years longer than planned felling. The climate impact is immediate and extensive. Our goal is to join forces with forest owners and companies to store twice the carbon dioxide emissions in the Nordic region; 500 million tonnes of CO2e.

The world's largest and most efficient carbon storage is only half full

Forest is a hyper-efficient and natural vacuum cleaner of carbon dioxide, but from a climate perspective trees are harvested too early. If they grow longer before felling, the volume of timber in the forests can double and store twice as much carbon.

Young forest emits carbon dioxide, adult forests are the most efficient carbon storages in the world

A growing forest absorbs carbon through the photosynthesis, but also emits carbon dioxide through trees and soil. Emissions occur when trees and fungi die, or during combustion. When trees have grown large enough, trunks, branches, twigs, leaves, fungi and roots absorb more carbon dioxide than they emit, and forest then becomes an extremely efficient and natural storage for carbon.

The climate crisis is now, and so must the solution

EKEN FINANCING contracts trees that are registered for clear-cutting to grow for at least ten more years, to enable a carbon storage offer in mature Swedish forests. The large amount of carbon dioxide that would have been released into the atmosphere after clear-cutting remains in the trees, and they continue to grow and store even more carbon dioxide. Today, this is the most immediate and impactful climate action.

Real climate impact. For companies that want to make a real difference.

We are all part of the global climate crisis through greenhouse gas emissions. Companies urgently need to heavily reduce their emissions an move towards climate neutrality. But since time is short, they also need to invest in projects that immediately and powerfully reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Climate compensation is not instead of, it is in addition to.

Our product EKEN STOP10 is an opportunity for companies to reduce their climate footprint credibly and transparently through climate compensation with immediate impact. As an example, the effect will be just over 1,000 CO2e when a normal-sized Swedish felling of 2.3 hectares is postponed for ten years. And since more than 200,000 hectares of Swedish forest are felled every year, it is possible to store much more carbon than we do today. Our solution makes the climate effect measurable and transparent down to individual trees. And most importantly, the impact is immediate. 75 percent already within five years.

eken stop10

    • Powerful climate effect now – 75% within five years.

    • Natural and local – carbon storage in mature Swedish forests.

    • Measurability and transparency – certificate with property designation, geographical position, effect calculation and image documentation.

    • ○ Annual reporting of the climate effect down to individual trees. 

    • Participation in one of Sweden’s most ambitious climate projects – storage of 2x carbon dioxide emissions in the Nordic region.

Green light for forest owners to let the trees grow for another ten years

Our offer EKEN PLUS10 gives forest owners an economical opportunity to let trees grow. We also support research and development that enables forest owners to shift to a profitable and climate-smart forestry as soon as possible. If they want to.

EKEN FINANCING was founded in the intersection of the pulp and paper industry, finance, climate science and eco-based forestry. Our conclusion, after a year of modelling, is that healthy boreal forests provide the best carbon offset solution to Science Based Target companies racing for net zero.

If you are a Science Based Target initiative company, looking for a supplier of high-quality Verified Carbon Units to offset your non-abatable emissions, let’s talk!

EKEN STOP10 – Verified Carbon Units from healthy boreal forests. Strengthening biodiversity, resilience, and local communities.

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